Attracting +, shares, and visitors to your Google+ page

That Google+ pages can be an important tool for the visibility of your commercial website, is now a widely proven and recognized by the community of SEOs.

I want to share my practical experience on how to create and manage a successful Google+ page.

How I created and fueled a Google+ page with visitors, shares and +

Google+ page

Google+ page

I take as an example the Google+ page of a pool enclosure manufacturer, of which you can see a preview above.

As the manufacturer’s website displays, the page has got more than 530 + on Google+. How I took it to get here:

  1. I created a page with a nice picture
  2. I looked for Google+ pages that interact well with other pages, by giving +s to other Google+ posts, by sharing, by adding more pages to their Google+ circles. Looking for “pool” on Google+ enabled me to find plenty of pretty active and dynamic pages
  3. I tried to befriend the managers of each Google+ page, giving them +s, little comments, insofar as I find their content interesting, avoiding meek flattering, simply because people are not stupid …
  4. I obtained that a dozen page managers  regularly read the posts I publish on my page
  5. I try to post on my Google+ page original and interesting content, with beautiful pictures
  6. I often illustrate my articles and publications with explanations that can prompt people to share
  7. I always interact with those who put me +s, adding them to my circles or giving them a + in my turn, if their content deserves it
  8. I avoid using my Google+ page as a window display for products, because it would not be interesting enough for visitors, except for rare exceptions.

Do you have any advice or experiences to share about your Google+ page? Thank you!

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