Why these three posts exceed 400 visitors per month

I analyze the relative success of three articles I have written for 3 corporate sites. Despite the tiny size of these three sites and companies, these three items are experiencing a remarkable volume of traffic. Let’s see why.

First successful post: 60 beautiful pools in the world, the reasons for its success

Google rankings of this article can not be considered a great success, as it is necessary to type keywords like “diaporama les plus belles piscines du monde” = slideshow most beautiful pools in the world to find this article in 15th position in Google. However, this post has received 45 back links, from 45 different sites. It contains 60 images, which also rank very well. Indeed, 80% of the traffic on this page comes from Google. You can also see a bounce rate of 58%, quite good for a blog page. The article can be considered a success, not only because it brings new visitors to the site (the last month, in September 2014, they were 474), but especially because it makes them want to explore the rest of the site, which brings new customers.

His popularity on social networks: it received won five + on Google+.

Second successful post: the shelf life of olive oil

Rankings of this article, this time, are a big hit, considering it is first or second on keywords like “conservation huile d’olive (conservation of olive oil)”. It has received a dozen links, 3 tweets and four   + on Google plus. In fact, I wrote this article in conjunction with a professional taster of olive oil. The quality level of the content is, in my opinion, the key to its success.

Third successful post: avoid feeding honey to babies

Again, a success in SEO because it is first on Google for “Éviter de donner du miel aux bébés (Do not feed honey to babies)”. It has only three back links, 2 + on Google+, but 42 likes on Facebook. Obviously, this sensitive subject has been treated in depth, so that some mothers wanted to share this article on Facebook.

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