Southern Italy, real estate opportunities

Real estate in southern Italy

Real estate in southern Italy

Here’s why you can buy beautiful and valuable real estate in Italy at a bargain price.

Southern Italy offers unparalleled beauties for your vacations. The sea is limpid and warm, seafood is delicious, climate is dry and not too hot, the coast presents a variety of beaches and resorts. You prefer an uncontaminated and quite seaside? You’ve got it. You’d rather choose a more glamourous beach? There are places like Amalfi, Positano, Tropea and Gallipoli, to name a few, that feature almost every kind of leisure.

Now, some circumstances made aparments and villas in southern Italy astonishingly inexpensive:

  1. the Euro is depreciating versus the Dollar and most currencies
  2. Italian banks suffer a real credit crunch, dampening the mortgage market for real estate acquisitions
  3. Unemployment is at record highs
  4. Purchasing power is at record lows
  5. Many are selling their secondary residences in order to raise cash
Actual real estate prices in southern Italy, on the coast, at the seaside, at few seconds walking from the beach? Between 800 and 1200 $ per square meter, even at 40 minutes driving from airports, unless they’re in a famous resort; but even there, they’re mostly cheaper than 2000 $ for square meter. Just choose a place on Google Maps .it, an search for immobiliare (real estate) + the place name on

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