The traffic Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest bring to 3 small companies sites

Case study: I analyze here the traffic 3 sites belonging to 3 French SMEs receive from social networks

You will see below the relevant screenshots of Google Analytics reports. Understandably, the strategies applied to each site, and the difference among the three categories of products offered by such sites, determine significant variations as well in traffic from social networks as in the type of social network. These reports refer to the last 30 days until yesterday., site showcasing pool enclosures, porch, pergola – with over 7000 unique visitors in the last 30 days
social network traffic for Analytics

social network traffic for Analytics

32 unique visitors arrived on this site the last 30 days from Google+. The website Google+ page receives an average  3000 views per month. It has about 120 Google+ users who follow it, and a little over 700 “+”. It received only six visits from Facebook, and about thirty “likes”, despite the fact that its Facebook page was created two years ago, a page that I rarely visit. The fact that this site has received five visits from Pinterest is due to the Pinterest page I created for it, although I never found the time to feed it. I did the same thing for Twitter, with a poor outcome., online sales site of royal jelly, honey, etc.- with over 2000 unique visitors in the last 30 days
social network traffic for - Google Analytics

social network traffic for – Google Analytics receives more visits from Facebook than from Google+, despite the fact that this company, which produces and sells hive products online has a Google+ page, but has no Facebook page. The reason is simple: its products are most likely to interest the Facebook public that the more professional Google+ public. It’s Google+ page receives 600 views per month, and his followers on Google+ are 30. It has also received 139 “+” on its Google+ page, with thirty followers. The “Likes” from Facebook are 15 in total., the blog of one of the world’s leading professional appliances for food preparation, Dynamic Mixers – with more than 2,500 unique visitors in the last 30 days
social network traffic for Google Analytics

social network traffic for Google Analytics

Here, despite the absence of a Facebook page, and the existence of a Google+ Page for two years, this site receives only five visits per month from Google+, 6 from Facebook. It has more than 130 “+” from Google+ , and its Google+ page has got about twenty followers for about 450 views per month. It must be said that professional food preparation appliances are not too searched for on the web.

In conclusion, Google+ is more profitable, Twitter seems to provide little traffic, whereas Facebook’s not bad at all. Pinterest is promising

We must consider that Facebook has a great extenuating circumstance: since I prefer Google+, the time I dedicate to it for the three sites in question is 20 times greater than the time I spend on Facebook, where I rarely go.

The differences among these four social networks

For sites where images are paramount, such as porches and pool enclosures, Pinterest seems rather promising. Google+ is the best organized, enjoys the power of Google search, and you can control it well to avoid being polluted by spam from different backgrounds. With Twitter, it’s not easy to get visitors, while Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular, although I do not like it too much.

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