Seo success story: real case analysis

How I managed to increase the traffic of a small business website 138% year-over-year

The importance of the blog for an effective SEO

website Montpellier France

Architect’s website – Montpellier, France

Via the blog, part of the site, I created quality content: posts of interest to users, even on some domains of architecture of industries for which my client does not provide any services.

For example, I have dedicated several articles to tiny houses, which are very popular on the Web. There have been even users who wanted to buy a tiny house by my client, and they wrote him, even if I had clearly pointed out that he does not sell tiny houses.

The popularity of the blog allows the website to rank at the top on Google for keywords related to its activity, such as  “architecte restauration Montpellier”, “architecte rehabilitation Montpellier”, etc. Note that about half the site’s traffic comes from four blog posts. Other posts will receive a dozen visits per month. It’s not easy to write a successful note.

Google+ better than Facebook

I have used Google+: the Google+ page that I created for the site brings me four times more visits and popularity then the Facebook page where I publish the same blog posts. Watch the video above to learn more.

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