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The blog I created

The blog I created

4 years ago I started working for a private jet charter company, Private Jet Finder. Within a year, I managed to climb to the 1st page of for the most relevant kws. At the beginning, I was a bit skeptical about my chances of developing a successful collaboration with them. My Seo strategies are content based. Basically I try to create rich, interesting, shareable content that I promote on social networks; my favorite tools are the blogs I create for each client. I feared I would be embarrassed to write posts about the qualities of flights that cost an average $8000 an hour. Moreover, I’ve always tried to do my best to prevent climate change, and private jets are surely not ecological…

Indeed, I head some divergencies with the company, especially at the beginning. Nevertheless, I began inquiring about electric planes and sustainable aviation fuel, getting more and more interested in the various, brave developments taking place to render the aviation industry and private jets more ecological.

I became increasingly aware of the variety of topics I can write about regarding private jets. Here is an example of the latest posts I wrote:

  • The hottest going e-plane, Alice, will make its maiden flight this year: Alice is a wonderful electrical plane
  • Private flights at the price of an airliner: the democratization of private flights
  • Cirrus Aircraft redesigned its private jet, the Vision Jet: an affordable private jet
  • Top summer destinations for private flights in Europe: this post is not so original
  • The private jets of high-tech billionaires: I could care less, but people are curious about that
  • The supersonic jets race, utopia or next step for aviation? Most people are eager to know the latest technological developments of aviation
  • How to prevent feet swelling on the plane : good tips are always appreciated on the web.
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