The new Google+ is definitely amazing

Google has just launched its new version of its social network Google+

In my opinion, it greatly improves its functionality, becoming much richer and more powerful. In short, I think it will eventually become a resounding success. Let’s see why I am so enthusiastic.

Operating Google+

Operating Google+

 Google+ sidebar menu

Google+ sidebar menu

If you are surfing as an individual or a business Google+ page, you are now welcomed by a set of image maps that illustrate the pages that Google+ suggests, according to your interests and your business on Google in general.

On the left, as you can see in the picture here on the left, there is a sidebar that allows you to visit the communities, suggested by Google+, or else your profile, or people managing a Google+ page.

Navigation is very pleasant and ergonomic. The variety and quality of information is amazing. Personally, to better understand a topic or even develop knowledge or techniques, I believe that the Google+ page collections are much more useful than Google News or even than pure and simple search.

Obviously, if it comes to shopping online, the search engine Google is still my tool of choice.

Google+ top menu

Google+ top menu

At the top, you always have the above menu, which allows you to choose from recommended pages in the case of pages and people, or else respectively suggested, followed and whose you are member, if you are on the communities pages. As a third option, you have pages that you manage or people who follow you.

The power of Google Search on Google+

If pages, people or communities suggested by Google+ do not suit you, on the upper side there is a search field that lets you find plenty of pages, communities or Google+ accounts that swarm of articles, photos, videos and useful, relevant information.

Ranking popular pages at the top of suggestions on Google+ will surely improve the quality and intensity of participation in Google+, because everyone is stimulated to enrich his Google+ page in order to be included in the suggestions that appear when other members open their own pages. In short, the race to be displayed on the front page improved search results from Google. Similarly, it will improve the quality of content for Google+.

Critics are surely coming up, and this is my answer

I think it is beneficial to be wary of dominant positions like Google’s. Critics may therefore have a constructive role and are welcome. They can promote pluralism. Personally, I’m rather enthusiastic about Google+. I have cherished it from the beginning, not least because its structure in circles lets me separate private life from working life.

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