Hummingbird is likely to favor blogs as SEO tool

Google hummingbirdConcerning the characteristics and performance of the latest update of the Google algorithm called Hummingbird, I refer you to  Search Engine Land’s excellent article on Hummingbird.

The effects of Hummingbird in two points

  1. it better understands the content and purpose of your website
  2. therefore your website, inasmuch it’s got quality content, will rank better on a wider range of secondary or long tail keywords, even if you do not have targeted them or if they are not much present in your site

Why the Google algorithm better understand your site, two points

  1. it is better at detecting the true meaning of words and phrases beyond mere literary significance. For example, if you write “when it’s raining cats and dogs”, it should understand that ythe phrase is about weather and not animals.
  2. thanks to the fact that it better understands the relationship between concepts , he understands better the whole context

What to do

  1. create quality content that can provide original, relevant and useful information for users
  2. give more importance to the content and less to keywords
  3. better follow Google’s guidelines for good rankings

Why blogs are becoming more useful SEOwise

Because they are an ideal tool to create attractive content to make your site a valuable resource for users interested not only in your products but in their proper utlisation, and all that is within our field of activity, from the point view of your customers and prospects.

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