World experts consider Google+ effective and beneficial for SEO and visibility

SEO look at Google plus

SEO look at Google plus

World experts have a high esteem of  Google+ SEO-wise

This is proof of the effectiveness of Google+, the social network Google often despicated as an unnecessary duplication of Facebook or even a failure. Indeed, a reliable and quite persuasive guarantee of efficiency, it is the number of shares and + Google+ that the world’s leading experts in SEO receive and display.

On blog posts , the site founded by Rand Fishkin which has become a global authority on SEO, the number of “plus” Google+, on average, is very close to the number of “like” Facebook, and is higher than that if the tweets. It is the same for SearchEngineLand.

And France ? Webrankinfo, to cite the most prestigious one, averages on its articles more  “plus” on Google+, than “like”  on Facebook.

Unless Google+ bashers deem to be better informed than the Gotha of  SEOs, this is an argument which should somewhat mitigate the overflowing stream of  their criticism.

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