Google+ : selfishness is the enemy of social networking

selfishness is pointlessGoogle+, let’s start giving in order to receive!

Some companies use Google plus and other social networks exclusively to boast about the qualities of their products and services, which is rather pointless.

Google+ is not an advertising showcase

Google+ Pages and Google+ communities are not advertising showcases. These are pages and virtual communities of a social network. The purpose of these communities is offering you a free space to create relationships, share, enrich each other with information, news, tips, and all that is worth sharing and exchanging.

The saddling sterility of exaggerated self-promotion

selfishness brings loneliness

selfishness brings loneliness

Imagine going to a party. Suddenly, a dude addresses you to start boasting its merits, without showing any interest in your person. After a few minutes, you would start to get bored of all his boasting, and you would want to leave him. So why, when you post on Google+, you’re like that dude, behaving accordingly ?

The subborn selfishness of many participants, who do not even make the effort to give a little “+” to other publications, is deleterious. If what everyone does is just bragging about his products or services, Google+ and Google+ communities will soon become a sterile and useless space.

On Google+, give first and you will receive

I want to thank all those who share useful information, fun or valuable tips with others; I also thank those who interact, valuing each other’s work with +, comments, shares.

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