Google+, dos and don’ts

Google+ is an effective social network for business

Google+ has several advantages: it can create circles to distinguish the different types of people or companies that we follow. Not only that distinguishes privacy from professional life, but also allows to catalog the topics you want to follow by function: prospect, customer, competitor, interesting person or company, etc. Moreover, Google+ is very efficient and ergonomic: it’s easy to figure out how to use it. For example, one can make a hang-out that automatically becomes a video posted on YouTube.

France's Consultimmo Google+page-2

France’s Consultimmo Google+page

What to do on Google+

I confirm what I had already written in this regard on how to use Google+, and would like to add:

  1. it is indeed a social network so you have to build relationships thereby
  2. to do this, use the search engine of Google+, specifying that you are looking for people and / or pages (if you are looking for companies)
  3. add to your circles those with a page showing recent activity
  4. choose preferably those who have won many + thanks to the interest of their publications, or those that have received a lot of visits, such as Consultimmo’s (a small French company ) Google+ page here on the right
  5. if you find a page is interesting and popular, you can always dig right into his circles to find other pages, firms or interesting people to follow
  6. interact with the pages you have inserted into your circle by doing them what you would like they to do with your page: give + to interesting publications, share them, add cool, relevant and brilliant comments
  7. try to publish articles (by posting their links on your Google+ page) that may be of interest to Google+ users, especially those whose page you have inserted in your circles
  8. If someone gives you a +, you could go to his page and give him a + on your turn …
  9. if someone adds a nice comment to your post, do not forget to put a + on his comment
  10. if someone shares one of your articles or publications, go to its page to check out if there is something worth sharing

What not to do on Google+

  1. use it as a window display, only for showing the products of your company or touting their merits there
  2. publish too many posts which are not enough interesting
  3. limiting yourself to publish content without taking care to interact with other users
  4. be stingy with +, shares, and positive comments about the publications of other users
  5. waste time in useless debates on social issues, politics, etc.
  6. be impatient, expect results right away: it takes time and passion

Thank you for your attention. Have you got any suggestions related to the use of Google+?

Consultimmo's Google+page

Consultimmo’s Google+page

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