Google plus dead? No way, it’s very much alive

Google+ is alive!

Google+ is alive!

No Google+ funeral in sight

Google+ is a failure. Google+ has a losing strategy. Google will dismember Google+. Google+ is a ghost town. The funeral commemorations of Google’s social network don’t dry up. Yet Google+ seems to me well dynamic and alive, because:

  1. whenever I share an interesting post on Google+, I get some + and even shares, often more than on Facebook
  2. posts published on Google+ help SEOwise, as they are quickly indexed by Google
  3. publishing content to Google+ is very easy and fast, more than on Facebook
  4. you can quickly edit and delete any content posted on Google+, unlike with Facebook
  5. you can better target your audience through circles on Google+
  6. you lose less time compared to Facebook, because you can clearly separate content and professional activities from all that is private or leisure
  7. you can easily find some very interesting posts and professional pages

Some figures demonstrate the vitality of Google+

The founder and CEO of Stone Temple Consulting, Eric Enge, randomly selected 516 246 Google+ profiles and analyzed how often they are displayed, their public posts, the presence of public content on their pages, and public posts in the last 30 days. On the surface, the data seem bad for Google+. About 515,405 valid for the study, 90.1 percent did not have any public content available to all. Almost 50,000 profiles were classified as “active members”, and extrapolated to 2.2 billion accounts on the network, this means that there are more than 212 million active users.

But only 50 million of these users have posted more than five times, and less than eight million users have made more than 50 public messages on the network. An analysis of activity in the last 30 days reveals that publication rates are even lower. 23.4 million people have publicly displayed during the survey period. This means that less than one percent of people have publications in the last 30 days.

Google+ has between six and eight million very active users across the globe.

Why these figures are not so bad

Because, if one were to apply the same criteria for measuring Facebook users, again the number of active users is far less than the number of users. Moreover, the number of users who publish monthly, beyond 20 millions … is he will not so bad, and Google+ will add new services.

What is your take for Google+?

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