Our SEO fees, some exemples

seo consultantMonthly prices in Euro, VAT exempted, charged for each of these rankings at the end of the month. These are exemples, fees may vary according to competition, quality of your web site, and so on. Competitors of the following companies won’t be accepted.

Should you change your choice of keywords, or even type of business, you just need a three months notice to modify or cancel your engagements with us.

 Company Keywords Ranking
Price in € 
of Quorum Assurances
Assurance remboursement vacances 1st 7
Clinique Paradis (13) Clinique esthétique 8th 9
Magaraggia Law Firm Italian industrial design lawyer ( 1st 4
Avvocato Magaraggia Law Firm Avvocato civilista ( 4th 15 (85) Hotel Vendee ( 1st 12
Quorum Assurances (85)
Assurance annulation séjour
1st 14
Stock3P (85)
Stockage à tiroirs, stockage dynamique 1st 30
Exultet (85) Musique chrétienne 1st 12 (13) Greffe de cheveux, etc. | Microgreffe 1st 13 (85) Gîtes Vendée, marais poitevin, chambres d’hôtes Vendée, etc. 4th 7
Les Sables d’Olonne (85) Hotels les Sables d’Olonne 1st 12
Aquero groupe Gospel (69) Gospel 1st page 5
Dynamicmixers (85) Appareils de préparation culinaire 2nd 7
Top vergetures Vergetures Paris 4th 8