How Facebook’s stalking us for spammy pub – a practical example

I like Facebook, I do not blame it for selling our email addresses to advertisers

Hundreds of millions of people use Facebook. Me too, Facebook gives me many free services, and I am grateful. Now, it is quite normal that a company offering such useful and powerful free services in the field of communication, must find sources of income to survive and even improve its services. Facebook has found a great way to use and monetize advertising. Here is a concrete example.

Facebook’s stalking our web browsing even when we are not connected to our Facebook account

Via cookies, there are plenty of sites that communicate to Facebook not only the fact that you visited them, but also your behavior on the site, the pages you visit, how you interact with the site, etc. Based on these data, Facebook is selling the same email address you used for your Facebook account, and probably even other addresses belonging to you, to companies that sell products or services relating to the sites you’ve visited, provided they have allowed Facebook to track you.

A concrete example

In January 2015, I started using Facebook two or three times a week, whereas before I visited it about once a month. In February 2015 I translated the site in French, for online store. However, the most numerous products on this site, are printable Smartphone hulls by sublimation. Dozens of pages are devoted to it. Now, two days after the start of my translation, I received three commercials for the smartphone hulls. They are hereafter:

Facebook borne spam advertising

Facebook borne spam advertising

This notwithstanding, as my son made me notice before, I had bought him a smartphone cover on Amazon. So the pub came perhaps from this purchase. Amazon may have communicated my email to the senders of these messages, sent on behalf of

Confirmation that this was the origin of Facebook spam for the same site on February 24, so after receiving two spam mail regarding the shells, I began to translate three or four pages dedicated to 3D printers. I had never visited sites on 3D printers in the previous month, nor had purchased any items that even indirectly 3D printers such as ink for this printer. Well, on February 26 I received the email below, precisely about 3D printers:

intrusive advertising via Facebook

intrusive advertising via Facebook

What should we do vis-à-vis advertising that targets us because of Facebook?

Don’t let it influence you. If we dream of buying that new car that we like so much, and after having visited itswebsite, we receive an email with a personalized special offer, do not take it as a sign from heaven or destiny, indicating that we need to make that purchase. Especially if our bank account tells us otherwise …

Google+ seems to me much more discreet

I frequently used Facebook for the first time last February, as I said, while I use Google+ almost daily. I never received any spam or advertising mail that can be related to my activity on Google+ or any spam related sites I visited frequently, before starting to use Facebook more frequently. That’s why I reckon that Google+ is much more discreet, and I haven’t got any clues that Google plus sells my email address for advertising purposes. Do you think I’m wrong? Thank you to let me know …

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