Targeted Facebook advertising, dangerous, tedious or wacky?

I’m talking about the advertisements which appear on the right when connecting to your Facebook account.

Why Facebook advertising is wacky

Indeed, following what Facebook states to lure advertisers, Facebook advertising should target people according to their interests. If I buy a Facebook advertising to sell tennis rackets, Facebook, based on the data it collects (hopefully respecting privacy) on behalf of its users, should show such advertising on the pages of the social network accessed by users who play tennis. Awesome targeting, unlike television advertising that bombs me, for example, with sugar-packed products that I never buy.

Facebook advertising targeting me

Facebook advertising targeting me

In the reality, Facebook targeting is imprecise and sassy!

Look, right here, a sample of the ads that appear on my Facebook page today, and understand why I could not care less:

  1. Renault Clio: I have no need to rent a car, especially not in Saint -Étienne, an hour from home, reachable only by car… !
  2. Holland tumbles – so? To be interested in this article, I should find myself alone in a rainy Sunday without Internet connection. But then I would not have Facebook, so my interest in this advertisement is again close to zero.
  3. Wanted 30 or more men: even if I wasn‘t an irreducible monogamous, the proposal “meeting with fun people in your area” makes me think these gals would only want to have fun with my credit card…
  4. More muscles : this is the male equivalent of a woman with a silicone inflated chest. Yuck!
  5. Free simulation, calculate your monthly payment : I’ve never bought anything on credit…
  6. Hot and sexy : this reminds me of the good old directories that we used in the childhood era of SEO…

Why Facebook advertising is dangerous

In fact, sometimes, the targeting works. For example, a woman could control her husband Facebook account : if it displays too much sex or viagra advertising, she’d better have a few doubts about his loyalty…

Again, an employer may find that his employee is targeted by job search services advertising: a sign he is not happy with his job…

 Why Facebook advertising is tedious

I much prefer Google+, which has no advertising. And you, what do you think of advertising on Facebook? Thank you for your comments, kindly put a on Google+ this item, if you enjoyed it.

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