As a SEO, I’d rather be more creative than technical

growth and search enginesSearch engines are a kind of conglomeration of servers and software, a sort of archipelago of data centers with an impressive, by speed and efficiency, analysis and synthesis capacity.

Giving visibility to a website, mostly on Google, Bing and other Search engines, but also on social networks, forums and portals: here’s the task of SEO experts also called SEOs.

However, given the complexity of the technical variables that can influence the rankings of search engines, many SEO experts spend considerable effort in technical analysis, taking technical measures to improve rankings of clients’ sites on search engines. The main technical measures, without claim to be exhaustive:

  1. on page optimization meta tags
  2. content optimization on page focused on targeted keywords
  3. optimizing content relevance in relation to the field of activity of the company website
  4. optimization and relevance of the images (quality, name, ALT attributes)
  5. download speed of pages
  6. analysis of the behavior of website visitors: bounce rate, duration of permanence on every page, conversion rates
  7. reaction of search engine rankings over a page, changes that are made to it, etc.
  8. competitive intelligence, that is to say, analysis of competition strategies
  9. optimizing the internal links between pages of the site
  10. optimization of anchor text back links
  11. creating a sitemap
  12. a lot more…

The pitfalls of excess SEO technical analysis, and the virtues of SEO creativity

Certainly, a sufficient level of technical analysis is essential for the proper technical optimization of a site. Conquering top rankings in search engines with a website whose technical optimization would not be sufficient, is like winning the Tour de France with a touring bike. Impossible. However, once we have a competitive bike, victory depends entirely on the athletic performance of the rider. The proof is that, when analyzing the reasons for victory, we never refer to the quality of the bicycle of the winner.

The same goes for SEO: the conquest of the top rankings of Google for our website most important keywords, provided it is sufficiently optimized for the search engines, depends on the quality of its content. Quality of content summarizes the performance of the following text content, multimedia and hypertext elements of a site:

  1. the uniqueness and originality of the text
  2. the uniqueness and originality of images and videos
  3. the ability of the above to entice users, prolonging their permanence on the website
  4. the ability to bait hypertext links from the most prestigious and relevant sites
  5. the ability to increase the popularity of a brand and / or business on the Web, so that it is cited by other websites
  6. the ability to please visitors, so as to persuade them to buy
  7. a lot more…

Therefore, creativity in the creation of content, be it the content of the website or thet of a blog making links to the site, is essential. A blog post based on a creative idea is a guarantee of success in terms of traffic and rankings. For example, a ticket explaining in detail how to heat a swimming pool with a barbecue grill was one of the main success factors of, awebsite for pool enclosures. It’s surely not analyzing what competition was doing on the web that I got the idea; it came from my creativity oriented to original and inexpensive solutions.

Conclusion: less talking SEO technique, more SEO content

I do not know if you notice that some lawyers speak of alienation rather than sales, and some doctors speak rhinitis rather than cold. Ways of show that their services are sophisticated and technical in order to better inflate their fees? To shelter from tedious questioning? Nevertheless, SEO experts who puzzle their clients with technical terms such as “spamdexing” get the same result as those doctors and lawyers: they hold off clients. Alas, the quality of content creation requires quite the contrary, a maximum of collaboration with one’s clients. The transparency and clarity of information are therefore required to stimulate a SEO’s creativity with contributions from a client, provided the latter is enabled to share ideas and thoughts.

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