An example of bad SEO, duly penalized by Google

The case in point: a site that has shifted from white hat SEO to black hat SEO

PandaBy February 2012, I had started to reference the site. As usual, I relied on a strategy that seeks to produce quality content based on the enrichment of the website with updated and interesting content, as well as on the improvement of the existing texts, optimizing pages. I also published several blog posts and began a profitable interaction with Google+ users.
All this had led, after 12 months, to rankings that matched the value of the site after its enrichment. Rankings that Google’s staff would have approved if they could have analyzed them manually.
However, my client has partnered with someone who had computer skills, and who had the bright idea to make him save about 10%, by entrusting his website SEO to an Indian company, Ajastra.

After a few months, almost all rankings were lost. Look at the image below, the red digits representing the conquered rankings when they asked me to interrupt my SEO activity and, green digits, the current rankings in December 2014 (often there’s no ranking in green, since the website ranks lower than 12th):Google rankings

The bad links penalized by Panda and Penguin

This Indian company sent to my former client reports to demonstrate the implementation of the SEO strategy for his website. Besides having submitted artificial articles packed with keywords to sites of articles already penalized by Panda as, they also submitted the site of my former client to  a string of all directories that could do all but make him get a sound Google penalty, via Panda and Penguin. I made a screenshot of part of this list:

list of directories likely penalized by Google to which the website in question was submitted

directories likely penalized by Google to which the website was submitted


Directories like (number five on the list) are the exact artificial SEO target that Google righteously addresses, otherwise its search results pages would be dominated by sites that use the most artificial SEO techniques instead of being dominated by the most relevant websites, as it’s now mostly the case.

What if your site has such backlinks?
Well, you should implement Google’s procedure to disavow bad backlinks.

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