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Luca Tamburelli, seo expert in France

Luca Tamburelli, SEO expert in France

Web consultant eu is a SEO consulting agency specialising in SEO for and SEO in France and Italy, web marketing services and site creation for English and French speaking companies. Headquartered in France, near Lyon, it’s got a 8-year experience in SEO for French, Italian and English speaking markets (, .uk, etc.).

It also provides search engine optimization, web marketing and consulting services for French and Italian companies. Its fees are exclusively based on your results, be it ranking improvement or traffic increase.

Web consultant SEO and web site creation for France and Italy

We take care of any translation, web publishing, website creation or improvement. Rent the most profitable place for your business: top rankings in the search engines, through our SEO services. We’ll conceive and implement for you the social networks strategy that will best increase your profits.

Whether you need to tap the social networks, or to improve your rankings, or both, we are there to boost your traffic. Our mantra is simple: getting you sound results, to build a durable, win-win partnership. We speak fluent English, French, Italian and German.

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